May 25, 2024

Suzanne Neel

rehabs in TexasMy name is  Suzanne Neel, I’m 29 and from Crockett, TX.  I’m a PK (preacher’s kid).  I became bored in church, and felt I had to make everybody think I was perfect when I was really miserable on the inside.  I started running away, looking for excitement.  I fell in love with alcohol and drugs and started getting in trouble with the police.  Sometimes my parents wouldn’t hear from me for days, weeks, or even months.

I got into witchcraft and thought it was awesome.  I played on Ouija boards and had séances.  I wanted to be a witch.  I decided to have a child and sacrifice it to the devil.  I got pregnant with my first child, Zachary.  The only place I could go to get away from the torture and torment of the demons was my parents’ house.  I knew I had gone too far.

Several years later I received 5 years felony probation.  I left the state and got into even more trouble.  When I went home to turn myself in, my attorney had me sent to a secular treatment center for 18 months.  Soon after my release I began to drink and use drugs again.  I kept hearing God telling me to change before it was too late.  Finally I listened, and my family brought me to Teen Challenge of Texas – San Antonio Women’s campus.

Here God has totally changed my life!  I have learned how to have a relationship with Him, not just know of Him.  God makes me a lot happier than any drug ever could.  He has restored my relationship with my family and both of my children.  He has even restored my brain cells!  Before coming here I couldn’t remember anything.  God laid it on my heart to memorize the entire book of James, and with His help I did it!  My aunt has given me a scholarship to an online Bible college.  God is leading me to open a re-entry  center for women who graduate from Teen Challenge.  I’m really excited to do things the right way and to be the Christian woman God intended for me to be!