May 21, 2024


rehabs in Texas

Judith, Student

Most of my life has been spent living as a victim and a slave to sin. Just like so many others, I came from a dysfunctional family. My lineage consists of addicts and alcoholics. I was sexually abused throughout my childhood years. I grew into a very angry and depressed young woman. Needless to say, after two failed marriages and four children, I still felt empty inside. My depression became so severe that I became suicidal. It didn’t take long for my life to fall apart. The turning point was when I rode in the back of a police car locked in handcuffs on my way to the state hospital. As I sat in the cop car pale and lifeless, I wondered, “Why me God?” When they placed me in my room, I hit my knees and cried out to God to take my life or do something with me because I could not live this way anymore. From that moment on my life has not been the same. God is using Teen Challenge to transform me into a new creation. The desires of my heart are to bring my Father glory in all I do and to invite others to join in on this awesome journey.