Nov 14, 2023


rehabs in Texas

Hello. My Name is Diamond.  I am 22 years old from Spring Branch, Texas.  My whole life I’ve grown up as a Christian. I was always well educated, very active in sports and extra activities. As I grew older, out of acceptance by negative people, I began using gateway drugs and it quickly grew into harder drugs.  By high school my focus was less on sports and more on drugs.  I was allowing the devil to just take hold of my life.  Three months before graduation I dropped out of high school and found myself in a bad relationship with a boy.  I ended up getting into some legal trouble and was placed on probation for eight years.  By age 18 with five felonies, I felt like my life was ruined.  About three years into probation I found myself relapsing on an IV drug and ended up on life support and in a coma for 14 days.  After waking up, I couldn’t walk or talk and I realized I needed God to direct my path again.

I have now rededicated my life again to Christ through Teen Challenge.  Because of my overdose I had revoked my probation and was facing a prison sentence.  I brought the idea of Teen Challenge to my judge’s attention but he was not for it.  Twelve months had gone by and in the end I had the choice to either attend a six month rehab through the system or go to Teen Challenge for 12 months.  I chose Teen Challenge because I wanted that relationship with God.

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways.  I am now married to a wonderful man, basing our marriage on Christ. I’m not afraid of completing probation.  I know now that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  My passion in life is to counsel juvenile kids struggling with acceptance and to just let them know it’s not worth trying drugs to “fit in”. The enemy has been defeated by MY Savior Jesus Christ!