May 24, 2024

Derick Smith

rehabs in TexasMy name is Derick Smith. Before I came to Teen Challenge of Texas – Magnolia Men’s Campus, my life was one big perpetual lie. I wasn’t living for the Lord and there was no truth in me. In 2005 I had back surgery, and got addicted to pain pills. My life very quickly got out of control and became a constant search for the numbing effects of the pills. In my selfish despair, I didn’t care who I hurt or used as long as I got what I wanted. Since I came to Teen Challenge and cried out to Jesus, I’ve learned how to rely on God for my needs to be met and how to look to Him for answers. I’ve learned a great deal from the group studies we do here at Teen Challenge. The Gospel and contract studies have been the pivot point of transforming my mind and life in Christ. Since I’ve been here, my family relationships have been restored and I must pass all that glory to my God. I plan to serve God with my life now by answering the call of youth minister. Praise God!