Apr 19, 2024

Crystal Hart

Crystal Hart, Alumni

rehabs in TexasI’m Crystal Hart, I’m 25 years old. I was raised in Angleton, TX. In high school I gave in to the pressures of trying to be cool by joining the crowd passing pills in the halls and skipping school to get high. I quickly lost interest in sports, church, and real friends, and turned my back on my family. I was running the streets and stealing from stores. I had lost my focus on what mattered in life. I wanted to do right, but I couldn’t let go of my “fast” easy lifestyle. I prayed to God in desperation many nights. He heard my cry – He showed me mercy when I was in jail. Years of drugs and alcohol had taken a toll on my mind and body. I went through a stage of psychosis where my reality became terror. On the cold floor, alone and desperate in the dark, Jesus was there to help me through it. Soon after my release I went to Teen Challenge – San Antonio Women’s campus. Jesus met me there and showed me love through others in a way I had never experienced. I started to open up and be honest with myself and others; I learned to face my problems and not run from them. Slowly I regained my family’s trust. I no longer need medication; I am free from all the chains that once bound me. God’s way is a lot better than my way! I trust Him more every day. What peace I have knowing I am free and loved no matter what. I graduated in March 2011. Currently I am working 2 jobs and singing in my church choir. I will be returning to school next semester. I thank God for the ministry of Teen Challenge of Texas, I am forever grateful. To God be the glory!