May 20, 2024

Brandon Tull

rehabs in TexasBrandon Tull, Alumni

Since I graduated from Teen Challenge of Texas – Azle Men’s campus, my life is very different from the way it was before. I am no longer chained to alcohol, drugs or even nicotine. Perhaps the biggest difference is my reliance on God in my life. All the things that happen or don’t, the circumstances and events that I encounter, I know they have come about by divine permission or intervention. I was worried about what job I would have, where I would live, what I would drive, silly things now that were real worries when I was leaving TC. God has provided them all. He has blessed me with my own small business and all the material things that I need. My life was over, but God… I was ready to die, but God… I was without hope, but God… I have a real place in my heart for Teen Challenge and the guys that work and live there. God used them to change my heart, and as a result my life changed as well.